Adolescent Program

Grades 9-12

In an effort to provide a complete educational experience from birth through high school, the adolescent program has been created at the Montessori School of Mauldin. This program has been designed to meet the needs of current students and offer the opportunity of a unique learning experience to the surrounding community.

The adolescent child is embarking on a crucial period of time during which the preparations for transitioning from dependent to independent living is being established. It is an important stage of life in which children experience tremendous personal growth and change, and therefore it is imperative that the sensitivities of their age (personal dignity, social justice and belonging) are taken into consideration.

Through outreach efforts within the community, practical life experiences coupled with self-motivated learning through purposeful work, the school hopes to continue fostering the love of learning for each and every student. It is with these aforementioned goals that the Montessori School of Mauldin strives to prepare adolescents for their future success and place in society.

Primary Curriculum

•  English
•  Math
•  Science
•  U.S. History
•  Economics
•  Government
•  Other Social Studies
•  PE or ROTC
•  Computer Science
•  Foreign Language or (1 Business Unit or 1 Career Center Course)
•  Electives